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DG-100 GPS Data Logger

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GlobalSat DG-100 is a GPS data logger that records track data from the received GPS signal. With a GPS logger and antenna built in a miniature construction, DG-100 features an all-in-one, cost-effective GPS logger solution. The DG-100 records time, date, speed, altitude and GPS location at preset intervals. Based on the SiRF star III chipset, DG-100 offers accurate position tracking capabilities.

All recorded GPS information can be downloaded to the computer. It is a convenient, economical way for later review of your recorded histories. Simply connect the DG-100 to your PC or Notebook, and then download the track-log to your PC for use with Windows based software utility. User can easily export the recorded points to Google Earth and Google Map. It is ideal application in fleet management, marine navigational aids, traveling and consumer personal use. You also can use the DG-100 as an USB GPS mouse. It is another good feature for DG-100.

SiRF StarIII chipset 20 channels
Allowing user to store up to 50000 points.
Two NiMh batteries for more than 20 hours continuous operation.
USB interface
Power On/Off button for easy use.
Three preset saving intervals (Time/Distance) can be selected by slide switch.
Three LEDs to show the status of GPS, battery and memory.
MMCX port for external GPS antenna.
USB G-mouse function.
User friendly Windows based software utility. User may use the software utility to do the following functions:

  • Upload recorded data
  • Change Recording Interval
  • Configuration setting
  • Delete corded data
  • Exporting and mapping your recorded data:
    • Exploring to KML (Interface with
    • Google Earth)
    • Show recorded data on Google Map
    • Text format
    • Excel file format

Electrical characteristics
GPS standard : SiRF Star III
GPS antenna : Built-in patch antenna
Operation time : Up to 20 hrs
Charge time : 7 hrs
Battery charging: USB connector @ 350mah
Power button
Power On/Off : Press and hold for 3 second to On/Off the device
Instant save : press button once to save a waypoint manually when device is active
Status LED's
• GPS status :
Flashing green - GPS position is fixed
Steady green - GPS position is not fixed
• Power status:
Solid Red -
• Device is power on
Flashing red: device is in low battery power
Solid amber - battery is being charged
• Memory status
Flashing blue: memory is 2/3 full
Solid blue: memory is full

GpsPasSion - Gsat DG-100 - Reviewed
The DG-100 looks like a small box and feels quite light. The USB connector (held into place by a small magnet) doubles up as a data link and a battery recharger. A USB extender is bundled in the box as well. It's convenient to be able to rely on USB for all operations and was pleasantly surprised to see that it could recharge the two 2500mAh batteries that power the DG-100. I haven't done full battery timings yet, but based on using it normally, their 20/24 hour claim appears to be reasonable enough.
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